Kelvedon Hatch Ghosthunt

Kelvedon Hatch Ghosthunt

16 Nov 21:00 - 17 Nov 02:00 - Prague
Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker

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Join TV ghosthunter Barri Ghai and investigators from GPS for a professional paranormal investigation at Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker in Brentwood, Essex on Friday 16th November 2018.

The Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker is a large underground bunker maintained during the Cold War as a potential regional Government headquarters. Built in 1952, it was designed to house up to 600 military and civilian personal in the event of a nuclear war. It remained hidden from the world for many years and was only revealed to the public when it was decommissioned in 1992.

The bunker itself is built 125ft underground, and the entrance is concealed through an ordinary looking bungalow set amongst trees and shrubbery. This building however hides a huge three level subterranean complex beneath its foundations.

Although never used for its intended purpose, this location has many ghost stories associated with it. It is alleged that the bunker was actually built on an ancient burial site which was disturbed during its construction. It is believed that a dark spirit was unleashed from this site and is described as a freakishly old tall woman. She has been seen by multiple investigators and visitors. Mediums also frequently pick up on a demonic entity that resides deep inside the bunker.

During construction of the site in the 1950’s, concrete was poured day and night for weeks to be able to create walls thick enough to withstand a nuclear blast. One morning the site crew arrived to find the night Foreman missing and his hard-hat floating on top of the wet concrete, the assumption being that he had been accidentally buried alive within the very walls of the building. Since this time strange poltergeist activity has been reported inside the bunker.

Shadow people have also been seen numerous times in the halls, and there are many reports of something evil roaming the rooms of the bunker leaving some visitors so terrified that they have fled tour groups in tears.

Interestingly the very real and solid apparition of a military women in uniform has been seen giving orders to visitors telling them to stop and get out as they are not allowed to be inside the bunker.

Many people have also described hearing bumps and growls around the bunker almost as if some monstrous animal is prowling its corridors.

The evening will begin with an exciting introduction to the paranormal hosted by Barri himself followed by a night of paranormal investigation at the bunker.

Attendees will be split into three teams and spend the evening investigating this paranormally active former military facility using the latest in ghosthunting technology.

Are you brave enough to join us at the bunker?

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Location Postcode: SAT NAV USE - CM15 0LA

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